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Brand AudioControl
(0 Reviews)

Audiocontrol THE EPICENTER Equalizer, Digital Bass Restoration Processor (Black)

Brand AudioControl
(0 Reviews)

Audiocontrol THE EPICENTER Equalizer, Digital Bass Restoration Processor (Black)

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FREE installation is currently offered for this product. FREE same day installation of receiver will be available with purchase online or in-store. A $125 value. Includes standard receiver installation in most vehicles. Additional parts and labor including receiver harnesses and kits, if needed, are extra. Contact stores for details.

Brand AudioControl
(0 Reviews)
In Stock

Audiocontrol THE EPICENTER Equalizer, Digital Bass Restoration Processor (Black)



About This Product


Audio Control The Epicenter Black Bass Restoration Processor

AudioControl’s engineers changed the world of mobile audio bass forever with The Epicenter, a revolutionary Bass Restoration processor which digitally maximizes the ultra-low bass on all types of source material. The Epicenter detects bass harmonics, then digitally recreates the underlying fundamental for the incredible punch and impact of live music, reproducing heart stopping, musical, and natural sounding bass. The Epicenter’s Bass Restoration can be shaped and dialed in to suit any listening style or preference with convenient ParaBASS controls and the included ACR-1 remote can be conveniently mounted to the dash to increases or decreased the Bass Restoration.

Your MP3 player thinks your car stereo is a pair of headphones, so it removes the bass! The Epicenter restores the earth-shaking power and heart-pounding bass your subwoofers crave.

Give your subwoofers the juice to go lower and hit harder. The Epicenter uses a bass circuit to drive your subwoofers lower, grabbing the attention of every eye on the boulevard.


Patented Bass Maximizer™
Dash mount control
Bass restoration lighted display
Parametric bass control
PFM Subsonic Filter
Balanced inputs
Bass Output Control


Preamp Inputs: 1 (2 channels)
Maximum Input Level: 15Vrms
Input Impedance: 10kΩ

Preamp Outputs: 1 (2 channels)
Maximum Output Level: 13.5Vrms
Output Impedance: 150Ω

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003%
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz<