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What is Apple CarPlay and How Will It Benefit Me?

Apple CarPlay allows you to connect your iPhone to your vehicle’s CarPlay compatible touch screen receiver providing you with a smarter and safer way to interface with your iOS device while you are on the go. CarPlay’s integration of Siri voice commands allows you to keep your eyes on the road while interacting with the most popular apps on your iPhone. Manage your messages, send and receive phone calls, access navigation and stream music, all without taking your hands off the wheel. CarPlay enables you to stay connected, safe, and compliant with the increasing number of stringent hands-free laws.

How Apple CarPlay Works

There are a number of ways to interact with Apple CarPlay, whether by using your vehicle’s control buttons, knobs, touchscreen, or simple voice commands CarPlay is equipped to integrate with your vehicle’s existing audio system. Access Siri by simply pressing your voice control button on your steering wheel (additional interface may be required) or receiver's touch screen display. You can connect with Siri using the familiar voice commands to access your messaging, phone, music, and navigation.

Ways to Connect to Apple CarPlay

Cable or Cablefree? It’s your choice. If your car stereo is Wireless CarPlay compatible, you can now enjoy the freedom of no longer having to remove your phone from your pocket, bag, or purse in order to enjoy the conveniences of Apple CarPlay. After completing the initial setup which requires a one-time connection of your device with a Lightning cable, you now have the benefit of never having to dig for your phone again, once your receiver is powered on your iPhone will automatically connect. If your receiver does not support wireless CarPlay, you can still enjoy the same features when connecting via a Lightning cable, and in addition your iPhone will be charging the entire time it is connected.


Use Your Favorite Apps

In addition to Apple Maps, messaging, and phone calls CarPlay offers access to many of your favorite applications like Apple Music and Podcasts. Along with these native iPhone applications you can also access many popular 3rd party apps like Audible, Spotify, Pandora, and more!

You can find a complete list of Apple Carplay Compatible Applications here.

Where to Find Apple CarPlay Stereos

An increasing number of major car manufacturers either currently offer, or are equipping their future vehicles’ audio systems to support Apple CarPlay. Fortunately for those of us not ready to purchase a brand-new vehicle, most aftermarket car stereo manufacturers have CarPlay compatible receivers available. Aftermarket stereos also offer many additional options like backup cameras, satellite radio, and multi-channel high voltage pre-outs which gives you the option to further improve your sound system by adding additional amplifiers for speakers and subwoofers.

Vehicle compatibility with Apple Carplay

Check to see if your Vehicle is compatible with Apple Carplay.

See it for Yourself

If you would like to see Apple CarPlay in action check out this demo video from one of our experts.

Apple Carplay Functionality

Try it Before You Buy it

Still not convinced? Car Toys has the most recent selection of Apple CarPlay receivers on display from top brands like Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer, and More. So, stop by your local today, our product professionals and expert installers are ready to take you on a test drive.