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Visual Tinter

Try our Visual Tinter to get an idea of how your vehicle will look with Car Window Tinting.


Is Car Window Tinting Right for You?

Tinting your vehicle’s windows has more advantages than making your vehicle look great. In warmer weather window tint helps greatly reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle. It also greatly reduces the amount of harmful UV rays that can damage your vehicle’s interior, wreaking havoc on your dashboard and other plastics within your car’s interior. Tint also aids in protecting the upholstery from fading and drying up. We carry several tint brands that can block out 99% of harmful UV rays so that your vehicle’s interior stays protected.


Tinting Health Benefits?

You can easily put on a pair of sunglass to protect your eyes when the sunlight is too bright. Unfortunately the majority of sunglasses only protect the front of your eyes and leave the sides of your eyes vulnerable to damaging UV rays. Tinting the windows of your vehicle helps prevent unwanted exposure to the sides of your eyes and has been recommended by Ophthalmologists and may help to prevent diseases of the eye.

Select the right service for your needs.

Car Window Tinting Services Provided

  • 2 Door Car or Truck
  • 4 Door Car or Truck
  • Small SUV, Mini Van, Station Wagon
  • Full Size Suv
  • 2 Front (No wing window)
  • 2 Front (with wing window)
  • Single Door Glass
  • Single Stationary Glass
  • 1/4 Window Stationary Glass
  • Rear Glass Only
  • Tint Removal



About Our Car Window Tinting Shops

At Car Toys we carry Prime and *3M™ Automotive Window Film series for our car window tinting service. Please contact your local store for more information

*3M™ Automotive Window Film Tints is used in select Car Toys locations. We offer 2 different types of 3M™ Automotive Window Film tint, the FX Premium and Color Stable Series. Both series are available in different tint levels that can block up to 95% of visible light and up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light to provide a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000 for you and your passengers. Both Series has outstanding color stability, so it never turns purple and its non-metallized window film allows you stay connected with mobile devices. The Color Stable Series rejects up to 57% of the total solar energy coming through your windows, while the FX Premium Series rejects up to 45% of the total solar energy that comes through your windows to help keep you cool and protect you from harmful UV rays.

In addition to cars and trucks, we also provide tinting services for RVs and SUVs.


tan window Tint truck
red window tint SUV


Car Window Tinting Video

Car Window Tint

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Automotive Window Film


Please contact the nearest Car Toys to inquire about Window Tint Service pricing in your area. Our professional tinters are happy to answer all of your window tinting questions.


Schedule Window Tinting Services

To schedule your window tinting installation use our online tinting scheduler for your convenience.


*3M™ Automotive Window Film Tinting is used at most Car Toys Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Texas locations.

Please contact your local Car Toys store for more information.