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Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7561
(0 Reviews)

Wagan EL7561 Power Dome PLEX Jump Starter / Air Compressor with 120V AC Outlets

Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7561
(0 Reviews)

Wagan EL7561 Power Dome PLEX Jump Starter / Air Compressor with 120V AC Outlets

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Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7561
(0 Reviews)
In Stock - Available for Shipping Only

Wagan EL7561 Power Dome PLEX Jump Starter / Air Compressor with 120V AC Outlets


About This Product


Wagan EL7561 Power Dome™ PLEX Jump Starter / Air Compressor with 120V AC Outlets

Extreme power! 1000 peak amps jumpstarter, 400-watt AC inverter, along with the standard air compressor, DC and USB power, radio, and more!

Power Dome PLEX
Succeeding the best-selling and ever popular Power Dome EX, the Power Dome PLEX is the second generation of the venerable crowd-favorite portable power supply.

Featuring 120V AC, 12V DC, and USB power ports, the PLEX will keep all of your electronics charged; while the on-board air compressor and jump starter ensure that your vehicle will get you there.

The Power Dome PLEX is a powerful portable power source designed to provide AC, DC, and USB power wherever you need it. The PLEX is built around a rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery that was specifically designed for jump starting duties and can handle repeated charging cycles.

A 260 PSI air compressor can be used to quickly inflate tires, pool toys, and sports equipment too. Also included are: a 5-LED work light, an AM/FM radio with 3.5mm audio output jack, and inflator accessories.

Charging the Power Dome PLEX
The Power Dome PLEX comes with both AC (wall) charging adapter and a DC (Cigarette lighter receptacle) charging adapter. For true “off the grid” use, plug in your 12V Solar panel and have power readily available no matter where you are in the world!

A Multi-functional Device for Everyone to Use and Enjoy
The PLEX is an amazing all-in-one portable unit that provides versatility and power exactly when you need it, whether it's on the road, at a campsite, at home, etc.

With it you can always arrive to your destination safely, plus have your trusted electronics charged and ready for use. Keep the Power Dome PLEX in your trunk and have confidence that you would be prepared for a roadside emergency.

Safety for You and Your Loved Ones
With the Power Dome PLEX you can inflate your own tires and jump start your weak or dead vehicle battery - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

Be Prepared
The Power Dome PLEX also offers maximum convenience. Are you going camping or plan on being in an area without electrical outlets nearby" No problem.

The PLEX has two, three pronged NEMA-15 AC outlets providing up to 400 watts, with 800 watt peak surge power of 110 volt house type current. It also has one DC outlet to power 12 volt appliances away from your vehicle.

Quick List of Features
Jump Starter
120V AC Outlets (2)
12V DC Outlet (1)
USB Power Port (1)
Air Compressor
AM/FM Radio with AUX Input
LED Light
Built-in Safeties


Battery jump starter: 300 Cranking, 1000 Peak Amps
Battery type: 12V, 14Ah Sealed Lead-Acid
Jumpstarting protection: Anti-sparking (via safety switch), reverse polarity (indicator light)
Jumper cable gauge: 6 AWG, 24-inch
Air compressor: 260 PSI
Pressure gauge: analog
Air compressor protection: high-temperature automatic shut-down
Air hose nozzle adapter tips included
Power inverter: 400W AC continuous (800W peak surge)
AC sockets: 115V, 60 Hz (2x)
Inverter overload protection: built-in external fuse (replaceable)
Fuse type: 40A
DC socket: 12V, 11A max
USB power port: 5V, 2.1A
Audio input socket: 3.5 mm
Radio: AM 520–1710 kHz / FM 88–108 MHz
Worklight: 5-LED (50 Lumen)
Voltmeter: analog
Charging time: AC – 34 hours; DC – 12hours
Charging adapters included: vehicle 12V DC, home 110V AC
Dimensions WxLxH (in.): 12.0 x 9.0 x 11.5
Weight: 17.5 lbs

Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

  • Jump Starter & Air Compressor
  • USB Power Port
  • 120V AC Outlets(2) 12V DC Outlet(1)