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Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7207
(0 Reviews)

Wagan EL7207 12 Volt Cyclone Automotive Vacuum

Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7207
(0 Reviews)

Wagan EL7207 12 Volt Cyclone Automotive Vacuum

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Brand Wagan
SKU:  EL7207
(0 Reviews)
In Stock - Available for Shipping Only

Wagan EL7207 12 Volt Cyclone Automotive Vacuum


About This Product


Wagan EL7207 12 Volt Cyclone Automotive Vacuum

12V Cyclone Auto Vac
Featuring a powerful 120 watt motor, washable two stage HEPA filter, and cyclonic wind-tunnel action, the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac is a compact and powerful workhorse that can handle life's messes.

What is HEPA Filtration"
HEPA or “High Efficiency Particulate Air” filters are made of three mechanisms that remove at least 99.75% of contaminants from the air; this is great for people that suffer from Asthma and Allergies as it helps remove pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mite particulates.

Cyclone Action
Utilizing a Cyclone spinning action (also known as “Wind-Tunnel Action”), the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac is able to separate out large particulate matter from the smaller matter (classifying); this helps the 2-Stage filter to not clog up quickly like traditional vacuums and allows all of the filter surface to be utilized.

Sure, “120 watts” sounds big, but is it" Consider this; the average 12V automotive vacuum is only 60 watts! Our 12V Cyclone Auto Vac is 2x more powerful than the average competitor!

Easy to Clean
The 12V Cyclone Auto Vac is perfect for cleaning messy areas. Plug into your vehicle’s 12V DC Socket, turn on, and begin to vacuum up the mess. When finished, simply remove the front cover, pull out the pre-filter & HEPA Filter, then dump the contents of the collection bin into the trash. Re-assemble in reverse order and the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac is ready for the next mess!

Everything You Need
Included with the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac: crevice tool for reaching into tight spaces, stiff bristle brush to loosen trapped debris, and the custom fit zippered carry/storage bag that ensure all of the pieces stay together when you need them.

Use Nearly Anywhere
With the addition of a Power Supply like Wagan Tech’s Power Dome 400, you can use the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac in remote places that are away from your vehicle’s DC Socket! In a tent, trailer, or any place that a Power Supply can go, you can clean it with the 12V Cyclone Auto Vac!

Quick List of Features:
Powerful 120W Motor
HEPA Filter
Cyclone Action
11 Foot Power Cord
Washable/Reusable Filter
Crevice/Brush Tools Included
Custom Carry Bag Included
Compact & Easy To Clean


Operating Power: 120W
Operating Current: 10A
Cord Length: 11 Feet
Input: 12V DC
Fuse: 15A
Included: Brush & Crevice attachments + Storage Bag
HEPA Filter
Reusable Mesh Filter
On/Off Switch
Modern Colors
Compact: Stores Easily
Weight: 2.0 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

  • Powerful 120W Motor
  • Washable/Reusable Filter
  • 11 Foot Power Cord