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Brand Compustar
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Compustar CSRSS2WR5 2-Way Remote Start/Security Bundle with 2 Mile Range

Brand Compustar
(0 Reviews)

Compustar CSRSS2WR5 2-Way Remote Start/Security Bundle with 2 Mile Range

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Brand Compustar
(0 Reviews)
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Compustar CSRSS2WR5 2-Way Remote Start/Security Bundle with 2 Mile Range


About This Product


Compustar CSRSS2WR5 2-Way Remote Start/Security Bundle with 2 Mile Range

PRO R5 with LTE

The all-new PRO R5 includes Compustar’s latest innovative features while still maintaining the classic 1-button design. The remote includes:
Brand New Proximity Unlock Feature
2-Way LED Remotes with 2-Mile Max Range
USB Rechargeable Battery
2-Way Alarm Alerts

Features & Technology

Proximity Unlock
Compustar’s next generation of PRO 2-way remotes features built-in proximity sensors that automatically unlock the doors when you come within 3-6 feet of your vehicle.

Water-Resistant Casing
The Compustar PRO R5 remote is water-resistant and durably built to withstand everyday impact and weather conditions.

USB Rechargeable
The PRO R5 is the first 1-button remote to have a USB rechargeable battery! The micro-USB charging port is water resistant and a single charge can last 45 days.

Compact Design
Don’t let the size fool you, the PRO R5 is a premium remote packed with some of the best features Compustar has to offer! The R5’s compact design makes it the perfect fit for every keychain!

Security Alerts
The PRO R5’s 1-button design doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Enable security alerts, and your remote will alert you with a series of beeps when your alarm or shock sensors are triggered.

Two 2-Way Remotes Included!
The newest additions to the PRO series are the first to include, not just one, but two powerful 2-way remotes! One for your keychain and one back-up. This kit comes with two compact PRO R5 remotes.

3-Year PRO Warranty
The best systems are covered by the industry's best warranty. Both 2-way remotes included with the PRO T13 kit are covered by Compustar's industry-leading PRO 3-year warranty, which protects your purchase from defects and malfunctioning components.

DroneMobile Features

Smartphone Vehicle Control
The Drone X1 Module included with this system allows you to control all the functions of your remote starter directly from your smartphone.

Advanced Car Security
Alarm alerts send a notification directly to your smartphone when your alarm is triggered, even when you are far away from your vehicle!

Vehicle & Driver Monitoring
Upgrade to a DroneMobile Premium subscription for GPS Tracking and Location Alerts to keep an eye on when and where your vehicles are in use.


Alarm Upgrade Kit for Compustar Remote Starters
Adds security sensor, LED, E-LOCK relay, and siren to your Compustar remote start system. Works with select models.

Key Features

2-Way Alarm Alerts
If your Compustar remote start system is connected to a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will be instantly notified if your alarm is triggered.

The Smartest Security Sensor
The ALARMIT KIT includes a DAS 3-in-1 sensor that adds the following security features to your vehicle: dual-stage shock detection, tilt sensing, and accelerometer.

The Loudest Siren
The alarm siren included in the ALARMIT KIT features a speaker that gets as loud as 105+dB; capable of scaring away intruders and alerting those nearby.

  • Smartphone Control
  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • Proximity Unlock

Price includes Standard Installation at any of our Car Toys stores. Transponder bypass is also included. Additional parts and labor may be required to complete the installation. See Store for details.



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