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High-Resolution: A Superior Sound Experience

What is High-Resolution/High-End?

High-Resolution/Hi-End is described as the best quality recording you can get. It is music recorded and (served) provided digitally at a higher sampling frequency or bit depth than a CD. Music in this form allows you to hear things you never could before in a recording. From high tones to the deepest bass to the little things like the inflection in a singer’s voice. It’s feeling like you are in the room with the artist. Come see our experts and experience what true high-resolution audio is. Contact us to find your nearest certified high-resolution location and experience music like it was meant to be.

Why Car Toys

Benefits of purchasing with Car Toys

Car Toys has the best products from the world’s leading audio manufacturers along with the installation and tuning expertise to create a premium audio experience that will blow you away. All our hi-res installers are MECP Certified. Car Toys has numerous installers who won awards at sound-off competitions across the country. The experts at Car Toys know how to select the right products for your vehicle and tune it to perfection with the right tools. We will take your audio experience to the next level so you can hear the music the way it was meant to be heard.



Choosing the right speaker is everything. From the quality of construction to design, speakers create the ultimate experience of clarity, precision and jaw dropping sound you have ever heard.


Adding a DSP takes your audio system to another level. From hearing what sounds like a person walking across your dash to sounding like you are actually at the concert hall. This will get you there.

Alpine Hi Res Amplifier


High quality systems require high-quality power. Not just any amplifier can do that. Selecting the right amplifier can take a system from whispering to singing.


Choosing the right source to hear your music from matters. High-Resolution certified receivers allow your music to flow-through it at ultra-high and low frequencies.

Alpine HDS-990

What makes tuning an art form?

Just like a painter needs the right brushes to create a masterpiece, tuning a system to perfection requires specific tools. Whether it’s the JL Audio Max, Mosconi BARNIE, or Audio Control DMRTA, these tools help create the perfect sound stage within your vehicle so you’ll hear the music like the artist intended. Transform your commute into a completely new experience with Car Toys’ hi-res expertise. Our team is trained on how to use these tools to maximize the highest quality performance from your new system.

Experience High-Resolution product in person and get installation services.

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