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Driven to Do More: Full-Service Vehicle Enhancement

 By Dan Brettler, CEO

When Car Toys was founded as a single shop in 1987, we focused almost exclusively on car
audio. Today, with 48 locations and over 800 employees, we’ve grown to encompass a
360-degree view of vehicle enhancement which includes security, safety, window tint, and
detailing. This full-service approach is how we aim to bring you the drive you deserve, however
you define it.

I always tell people, no one really needs anything we sell. We’re not curing disease or sending
people to the moon. For the most part, we’re in the business of fun. We’re a group of passionate
auto enthusiasts who want to share our love for cars and car tech with our customers.
That’s not to say what we do isn’t important or that we don’t take it seriously. We absolutely do.

Given how much time people spend behind the wheel, we believe your driving experience
should be as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. Whatever that means to you, it’s our
job to deliver it.

One reason why we’ve been so successful at this is our willingness to adapt. This industry has
seen many changes since we started out, both in technology and customer expectations. Back in
the day, when you’d buy a new car, it wouldn’t have a radio in it. So you’d bring it to us to get one
installed. It was as simple as that.

Now, new cars are being delivered with just about every feature you could ask for and our role
has become more nuanced as a result. At the same time, we’re still in the business of bringing
new-car features, such as Apple CarPlay or remote start, to older vehicles. This means we’re
working both broader and deeper than ever before. But whether its audiophile-grade sound or
advanced ceramic window tint, it all comes down to crafting the perfect drive for each individual
customer. We’re here for the masses, but we apply the tailored and skillful approach of a boutique.

The Drive You Deserve Starts Here

Over the years, as vehicles have grown ever more complex, our jobs have gotten harder. But our
drive remains the same. Continually learning new things is what keeps this job interesting, and
we don’t back down from a challenge. So as manufacturers have moved toward non-replaceable 
head units and more complicated electronics, we’ve kept pace. And that’s what we will continue
to do into the future.

But even more important than what we can do is the spirit in which we do it. At the end of the
day, we’re not here because we need to be, but because we want to be. And I believe this, above
all else, explains exactly why we continue to be successful. It’s how we attract the best
employees and why our customers keep coming back. What we do isn’t rocket science, but it
makes me proud.

If we can inject a little more excitement, style, or comfort into your daily commute and make your
routine that much more enjoyable, then we’re happy. And wherever the next evolution of this
industry takes us, it’s important to remember that it always comes back to this: we sell fun. And as
it turns out, maybe people do need that.

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