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5 Ways a Car Subwoofer Can Enhance Your Cars Audio

If you've found yourself wondering, "where can I find car stereos near me?" you're probably interested in getting the best possible sound. A car subwoofer can help with that because it can produce sounds that factory car speakers may have trouble with.

The frequency of sound waves is measured in units called Hertz and determines the pitch. The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch, while lower frequencies produce lower pitches. Automotive sound systems typically aren't equipped with subwoofers near me because they can be large and expensive. Even so, if you're willing to invest in subwoofers, you'll find that they cangreatly enhance the performance of car radios.

 A Car Subwoofer Can Help Car Stereos Reproduce the Full Spectrum of Sound

The human ear can perceive sounds ranging in frequency from 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz. Unfortunately, the factory speakers with most car stereos near me are equipped often cannot handle frequencies less than 50 Hertz. A car subwoofer is designed to reproduce sound waves with lower frequencies, especially in the 20-Hertz range. In other words, they pick up where car radios usually drop off. As a result, an automotive car system equipped with subwoofers can reproduce the audible range of sound frequencies.

Subwoofers may be able to produce sound even beyond the audible range. Some are powerful enough to reproduce sound waves with frequencies lower than 20 Hertz. These sound waves cannot be heard, but they can often still be perceived through the sense of touch as vibrations.

2. A Car Subwoofer Can Produce Greater Clarity in Car Radios Near me

Some of the best bass lines are very fast and intricate. With car stereos' factory speakers, and even with some cheaper subwoofers, these can become muddied. A quality subwoofer works at top speeds to reproduce the precision and clarity of even the fastest bass lines.

A car subwoofer not only enhances the bass notes but also improves the clarity of all the sound. Even higher notes can become distorted when the car radios' speakers are forced to reproduce all the frequencies, even the low ones they weren't built for. By reproducing the lowest bass notes, subwoofers take some pressure off the car stereos' factory speakers. The mid-range and high-frequency notes these speakers are designed for will sound much cleaner and clearer as a result.

3. A Car Subwoofer Makes Car Stereos Sound Better When Playing Any Music

Subwoofers near me are associated with hip-hop or heavy rock, but that doesn't mean that you have to listen to those types of music to benefit from installing one. Any genre of music can be improved by having subwoofers to bring out the lowest frequencies. Even some classical instruments, such as the tuba or pipe organ, produce sounds in the 20-Hertz range, and a subwoofer can help you hear these notes more clearly.

4. A Car Subwoofer Can Help Car Stereos Last Longer

Trying to force car stereos' factory speakers to reproduce sound waves in the 20-Hertz range not only results in distortion of the higher notes. It also puts a strain on the tweeters, which may sustain permanent damage over time. By reproducing the lower notes, subwoofers relieve the pressure on the other speakers. When the tweeters don't have to work as hard to reproduce the bass notes out of their range, they are less susceptible to damage. As a result, they may last much longer than they would otherwise and do not need replacing.

5. A Car Subwoofer Allows Car Stereos Near me to Provide a Fuller Experience Without Playing Louder

If there is some reason why you have to play car stereos at top volume, a subwoofer helps your woofers to keep up with your tweeters so that you can play the music loudly without distortion.

However, keep in mind that playing music at top volume is usually not a good idea. Repeated exposure to sounds over 70 decibels can damage hearing over time, regardless of how pleasing the sounds may be at any given moment. It is also important to understand that volume and pitch are not the same. A low-frequency sound can be very loud, and a high-pitched sound can be very quiet. It is the volume that damages hearing, not the pitch. Therefore, a car subwoofer may enhance the sound without raising the volume, and you may be able to get more out of the music without risking hearing loss.

A Car Subwoofer Makes Car Stereos Better

High-quality subwoofers can enhance sound quality in these ways, but cheaper models may not offer the same benefits. If you've recently asked yourself, "where can I find quality subwoofers near me?" look no further than the selection at Car Toys. Contact us today!

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