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5 Reasons You Need a Subwoofer for Your Car Stereo

Typically low to mid-range priced vehicles do not have the best stereos on the market. It isn’t until you invest in upper mid-range to luxury vehicles that you experience full-range car stereos with the capability of complex sound. However, even when purchasing such vehicles or upgrading standard stereos, the speakers cannot produce the tones and textures of the low-end bass. If you want to experience a full, lustrous sound, you need a subwoofer. There are at least five reasons that subwoofers are essential to creating an all-encompassing, clean, and full sound experience.

1. Car Stereos Can’t Reveal All Sounds

While you can cover a wide frequency range with full-range speakers, you will never experience the low-end textures without subwoofers. These specialized speakers allow for the reproduction of frequencies below 200 Hz, taking full advantage of the human ears range between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

Despite full-range speakers and stereos’ ability to deliver treble, highs, and bass, the systems cannot reach the necessary lows to reveal the lowest music details. With its ability to reproduce the lowest frequencies, a subwoofer can often show more of the original sound and song design, allowing listeners to experience new and deeper levels than before.

2. Subwoofers Provide Full Low-Frequency Spectrum and Control

You might notice when researching car stereos near me that some stereo models sound tinny. The metallic or not quite right sound is often due to the lack of dynamics, especially in the lower levels. Typical stereos have a sonic signature, meaning the lower ends might not be 100% faithful to the original or intended arrangement of the music. However, a subwoofer, being built for lower registers, can produce accurate sounds, more aligned with the original artist’s intention.

With an investment in a high-quality subwoofer, you can experience new clarity and control in the lows. Most speakers and lesser subwoofers struggle to reproduce the rapid changes of instrumentals and vocals in most music genres, meaning the sound can come across a little muddy. Still, high-quality speakers can respond with equivalent speed allowing for accurate sound and precise detail.

3. Car Stereos Can Distort Without Subwoofers

How often do you try to listen to a track and end up with massive distortion or hear someone driving down the street sounding like their trunk is vibrating and making more noise than music? The unintended sound is called distortion, and most car stereos will experience it when you reach a certain volume. However, if you install subwoofers near me, you will find the distortion problem disappears.

The problem with most speakers is they cannot handle high gain. A high-quality subwoofer with adequate power can take the shift from turning up the volume and gain without distorting. The result is a cleaner, more precise sound.

4. Subwoofers Allow Your Car Stereo To Reach Its Full Potential

Distortion of car radios is also attributed to the demands of bass. The long sound waves or the lower frequencies require more power from the stereos amplifier. As the stereo attempts to cover the gain of the lower frequencies, the amplifier shifts most of its power to the lower end, becoming less effective on the upper end and resulting in distortion.

A subwoofer can resolve the power supply issues because it has its own amplifier. Therefore, by installing a high-quality subwoofer and blocking the low-frequencies from the stereo speakers, you return full amplifier power to the higher frequencies and maintain control to the lower end. Ultimately, the installation allows the entire stereo system to operate more efficiently.

5. Clean, Blended Low-Frequencies Provide Necessary Emotion to Music

The main reason to add a subwoofer to car radios near me is to experience the full frequency range of music. While many people turn their subwoofers to the max, it is best to equalize the tone and gain levels for a balanced experience. Without the adjustment, the bass will overwhelm the music, drowning out the high frequencies.

When you allow the system to equalize, you will experience a greater musical experience. Bass often contributes to the emotional tension, allowing listeners to get caught up in the energy and excitement of the music.

The purpose of car stereos is to embrace the beauty of music. Unfortunately, many systems cannot provide a true full range of frequencies without distortion or tonal loss. Installing subwoofers ensure you experience the music the way it was intended. If you are interested in a subwoofer installation for your vehicle, check out the incredible inventory at Car Toys.

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