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10 Tips When Upgrading Your Car Radio

The famous car radio has come a long way since Motorola first introduced them in the 1930s. When they were first announced, having a sound system inside a car was revolutionary. However, modern audio enthusiasts demand high-quality acoustics from their vehicle audio systems. Quality sound units are also expected to sync with portable sources, play standard radio music and read flash drives. If you are curious about what to do when improving your car's sound, here are ten tips to use when upgrading your car radio.

  1. Understanding The Car Radio and How They Age

It is essential to understand that car radios are usually not the problem in your vehicle audio system. It is your car's entertainment capacity that is now in question as technology continues to advance. Fifty years ago, you didn’t have to ask yourself if shops for car stereos near me existed, but upgrading vehicle sound systems regularly has become the normal thing to do. In other words, technology changes how you see your car's out-of-date sound components.

  1. Testing the System and Noticing Problems

Whether your car is new or a classic beauty, if you get into the vehicle and turn the music up, you may find it is not the killer sound machine you want. Remember to check for static or subdued bass to see if you will need to upgrade some of the components to create the system you are looking for.

  1. Identifying the Head Unit and Locating Options

If you own a newer vehicle, you will have a head unit that organizes your complete sound system. The head unit provides an interface for all buttons, screens, and wiring. As technology continues to advance, your head unit may become obsolete and need to be replaced with a more efficient component. Contact Car Toys or ask your phone to provide you with a list of businesses carrying car radios near me for a valuable shopping starting point.

  1. Spotting Output Issues and Checking Wiring

When the sound output is a problem, check the wire connections first. Sometimes, the wiring has overheated, causing poor acoustics in a new vehicle and not the modules. If a wire does go bad, it can corrupt the whole sound system.

  1. Deciding to Upgrade and Finding Parts

If you decide to change your speakers for some newer models, stick with an option that looks like your existing parts for a cohesive look. Although you can change the size and shape of speakers, the original styles are often best when replaced by the same. Speak with a sound expert at Car Toys to make sure the speaker will support any other components you plan to add to the stereo unit.

  1. Locating Sound Output and Optional Units

Your vehicle's amplifier increases the audio power signal to the stereo by using the preamp and the power module. It also provides resistance to a bleed-over from the other electronics in your car. If you upgrade to a bigger sound system, you will need to update your amplifiers, too.

  1. Placing of Car Radio and Differentiating Tones

There are three common placements for upgraded vehicle sound systems:

  • Within the dashboard
  • Under an inside seat
  • Inside the back trunk

Each placement has different limitations on the size of allowable components. That is why you should check with stereo installation professionals before tearing the old system out to move the unit's placement. The location can also affect sound quality.

  1. Amplifying to Modernize and Upgrading the Woofer

Small amplifiers can power small speakers. You will need to upgrade your amplifier and buy subwoofers if you love the low frequencies in stereo sounds. Locating the right subwoofer for your system can improve your whole music listening experience.

  1. Avoiding Colorful Looks and Choosing Quality Sounds

There are colorful and attractive audio systems that may not provide the signal flow you need for an upgraded car radio unit. Make sure you check with a qualified stereo business after asking your phone to locate subwoofers near me. Sometimes the best quality sounds comes in less colorful packages.

  1. Finding Car Radio Changes and Seeking Advice

The 1930s version of a car radio has been replaced with technological advances that may surprise even the most well-informed techies. Modern car sound units now contain small computer components, and the subwoofers are no longer cumbersome. There are so many replacement types available, and you may need a stereo installation professional that can help you identify which sound system will fit in your car.

To find the best stereo system for your vehicle, contact the sound specialists at Car Toys for information about the latest car stereo upgrades available. With the help of a professional team, you can create a great sound system for your vehicle.


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