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Brand Viair
SKU:  VIA45053
(0 Reviews)

VIAIR 45053 450P-RV RV/Camper/Motorhome/Truck Automatic Portable Air Compressor

Brand Viair
SKU:  VIA45053
(0 Reviews)

VIAIR 45053 450P-RV RV/Camper/Motorhome/Truck Automatic Portable Air Compressor

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VIAIR 450P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor For up to 42″ Tires
Brand Viair
SKU:  VIA45053
(0 Reviews)
Out of Stock

VIAIR 45053 450P-RV RV/Camper/Motorhome/Truck Automatic Portable Air Compressor



About This Product


VIAIR 450P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor For up to 42″ Tires

450P-RV Automatic offers an automatic shut-off function in a larger powerful portable tire inflator. This 100% duty cycle unit is capable of pressures up to 150 PSI and can be operated for up to 1 hour at a time before needing to be rested (at up to 100 PSI). The 450P-RV Automatic comes with a close-ended gas station-style air gun for added convenience.

Portable compressors with automatic shutoff come into play when moving from tire to tire, and when checking tire pressure in the middle of a tire fill. A typical portable compressor must be turned off between tire fills, and anytime you want to check tire pressure. If you aren’t near the compressor, this can turn into running laps back and forth to the portable compressor to turn the unit on and off. Automatic portables do not work in this fashion and will save you time & effort to get tires inflated quickly.

  • Perfect for Motorhome owners, this compressor is capable of inflating up to 150 psi
  • Heavy duty alligator clamps connect direct to a 12-Volt battery, the VIAIR 450P-RV should only used while the engine is running
  • A built-in pressure switch allows pressure to build within the airline up to 150 psi and will not be released until the trigger on the tire inflation gun is pulled, when the trigger is pulled, the pressure switch senses the pressure drop and actives the compressor to turn on
  • 2 coil hoses connect with a quick connect coupler for over 60 ft. of extension and inflation is easy with the tire inflation gun which includes a pressure release valve and tire gauge
  • Compressor and all accessories are stored in included zipper canvas carrying case with buckles to ensure secure contents
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Thermal Overload Protector
Automatic Shut-Off Function
Primary & Extension Air Hoses
Vibration-Resistant Diamond-Plate Sand Tray
Heat Shielded Quick Connect Coupling
Gas Station-Style Tire Inflation Gun with 160 PSI Inline Gauge
Heavy Duty Dual Battery Clamps with Inline Fuse
45-Degree Extended Reach Chuck (For Dual Rear Wheels)
90-Degree Twist-On Chuck
Heavy Duty Deluxe Carry Bag
3 pc. Inflation Tips Kit
Presta Valve Adaptor

Permanent Magnetic Motor
Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Max. Amp Draw: 23-Amps
Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
Max Ambient Temp: +158°F
Min Ambient Temp: -4°F
Dimensions: 12.4″L x 5.8″W x 7.5″H
Net Weight: 13.05 lbs.
Power Cord Length: 8 ft.
Primary Air Hose Length: 30 ft.
Extension Air Hose Length: 30 ft

Please Note: The air hose supplied with this kit may become brittle from prolonged exposure to UV/sunlight. Stow when not in use. Never allow the hose to come into contact with the head of the compressor during use (melting hazard). The use of the included air hose is not recommended in sub zero or freezing conditions. The 450P-RV does not work with Presta bicycle valves, unless used with a Presta Valve Adaptor.