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Brand Uniden
(1 Review)

Uniden iGO CAM 75 2K Smart Dash Cam with 3.16 Color LCD Screen

Brand Uniden
(1 Review)

Uniden iGO CAM 75 2K Smart Dash Cam with 3.16 Color LCD Screen

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Brand Uniden
(1 Review)
Available in Store

Uniden iGO CAM 75 2K Smart Dash Cam with 3.16 Color LCD Screen


About This Product


Uniden iGO CAM 75 2K Smart Dash Cam with 3.16” Color LCD Screen

Uniden’s Latest Dash Cams the IGO CAM 75 is the latest in “Smart In-car Technology”. A reliable Dash Cam that can record all events on the road in case of an accident and protect your version of events. Capture accurate and detailed footage in 2K video resolution while driving long distance or on the daily commute using Uniden’s iGO Cam 75.

The Uniden iGO CAM 75 offers high-quality footage with up to 2K Video resolution (1440P) on the Front Camera with a 3.16″ Wide Angle LCD Color Screen in outstanding clarity. The IGO CAM 75 has an innovative Ai Sign Recognition Feature allowing you to display the current speed the camera picks up from the street signs in road, streets and highways (Refer to disclaimer to ideal conditions for this feature to be activated).

With a Wide View of 135° for the camera ensuring that all events are recorded. The Uniden iGO CAM is ideal for Car, Courier, Taxi & Uber Drivers, Tradies, 4WD and Offroad Drivers, Truck and Commercial Drivers. In addition to the safety benefits, the enhanced video footage lets recreational road users capture scenic drives and off-road adventures in crisp detail.

The iGO CAM 75 Smart Dash Cam has an innovative Magnetic Slide Bracket which is easy to attach and allows you to the move the Dash Cam effortlessly from vehicle to vehicle. The iGO Cam 75 features a supercapacitor, providing a longer battery lifespan and holding enough backup power to ensure any recording in progress is safely stored before the camera is powered off. With a larger range of operating temperatures than a traditional lithium-ion battery, the supercapacitor is ideal for users operating the iGO Cam 75 in areas with harsh Australian climate conditions.

What makes this Dash Cam so special is the WiFi Function, allowing you to directly transfer footage, preview and even record via your smartphone or tablet using the free Uniden app for the dash cam. This Is a handy feature as you don’t have to take the micro sd card in and out to retrieve footage and it can be done while in the car after each event or journey.

The feature-packed Dash Cam is designed for a variety of road users and with a large speedometer display for accurate speed. The Speed & Red Light Camera Warnings are built into the Dash Cam alerting you while driving of upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras to remind drivers to slow down.

Another handy feature of the iGO CAM 75 is the WDR function which balances the light on days of high contrast, or at night when lights are bright, giving you sharper footage and great clarity. The footage lock protection feature means the footage is safe and won’t easily be deleted.

What also makes the IGO CAM 75 a great in-car companion is the Parking Mode feature. This is ideal in Shopping Centres and Parking Lots allowing you to record when your car is parked and the engine is switched off, the inbuilt sensor detects sudden vibration which will wake the hibernated Dash Cam and switch it on to start recording for a limited time. Uniden recommends the use of a Hard Wire Kit (HWK-2) for the Parking Mode Feature.

With a sleek and a compact design the IGO CAM 75 is an excellent choice for Smart Dash Cams. With a brand with over 50 years of engineering excellence, the Uniden Dash Cam range is the obvious choice.


2K (1440P) Camera Resolution
Magnetic Slide Bracket
Ai Sign Recognition
3.16” Wide Angle LCD Color Screen
Parking Mode*
Wide View 135° (Front Camera)
WiFi Enabled
Small & Compact Design
Plug & Play – Easy to Set Up
3 Axis G-Sensor
Event Recording Mode
Loop Recording Mode
Auto Power Off
Date and Time
Wide Dynamic Range Images (WDR)
Cigarette Charger Included
2 Sticker Mounts – Rotating Design for Optimal Visibility & Stability
Records Footage onto Micro SD Card#. 128GB is the max capacity – minimum class U3 required (Not Included)

*Parking mode works only with optional Hard Wire Kit and when the car and the unit has been powered off, this mode turns on the unit if it detects impact. The unit must have sufficient external power supplied in order to record and the G Sensor must also be turned on. #128GB is the maximum capacity Micro SD Card, Uniden recommends using UHS-II cards with UHS Speed Class rating with minimum class U3 for minimum write performance of 30 MB/s. † Image on packaging is for illustration purposes only. Captured footage is dependent on the position and location of the vehicle dash cam &/or rear camera. ^2K is for front camera only and the rear camera is 1080P. When 2 or more channels are in use ( up to 3 cameras), all cameras will record at 1080P resolution. ‡ This feature only works in 1 camera mode (when the rear camera is disabled) and will work in most circumstances when the sign is clearly visible in day light driving only. Please note It will not work in low light – night time driving. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

  • Full HD 2K (1440P) High Resoltuion Dash Cam
  • Wide Angle 3.16"" LCD Color Screen
  • Wide Veiw 135 Degrees Camera



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