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Brand Quinn Acoustics
SKU:  Q12S4
(0 Reviews)

Quinn Acoustics Q12S4 Booming Bass Car Audio Subwoofer, 4 Ohm, 500 Watts Power

Brand Quinn Acoustics
SKU:  Q12S4
(0 Reviews)

Quinn Acoustics Q12S4 Booming Bass Car Audio Subwoofer, 4 Ohm, 500 Watts Power

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FREE installation is currently offered for this product. FREE same day installation of receiver will be available with purchase online or in-store. A $125 value. Includes standard receiver installation in most vehicles. Additional parts and labor including receiver harnesses and kits, if needed, are extra. Contact stores for details.

Brand Quinn Acoustics
SKU:  Q12S4
(0 Reviews)
In Stock

Quinn Acoustics Q12S4 Booming Bass Car Audio Subwoofer, 4 Ohm, 500 Watts Power



About This Product


Quinn Acoustics Q12S4

12" Subwoofer Driver

Dive in. Quinn Car Audio Subwoofers are likely to pull you in anyway with an ultra-satisfying listening experience you never thought possible.

The beat and bass come off powerful yet accurate and under control at every turn thanks to superior design and premium quality components throughout.


  • High Rigid IMPP Cone with Symmetrical Geometric Cone Design — increases the stiffness of the cone for less harmonic distortion, and provides superior strength, durability, and stability during high power operation at extreme temperatures
  • Butyl Rubber Surround — has top-quality damping characteristics and will last longer than foam surrounds
  • Double Stacked Magnet Assembly — combined with a long wiring width of voice coil allows for long excursions with reduced distortion
  • Kapton® Voice Coil Former — offers higher power handling than aluminum voice coil formers, as well as extremely efficient cooling properties
  • 4 Layer Voice Coil — keeps more wire in the magnetic gap for better output
  • Vented, Extended Pole Piece — keeps the voice coil cool during long excursions at high power

Model Q12S4

  • Size        12"/311mm
  • Impedance       4
  • Frequency Response     24Hz-500Hz
  • Sensitivity       87.3dB
  • Power (RMS)       250 Watts    
  • Power (Max)       500 Watts
  • Cone   High Rigid IMPP
  • Surround       Butyl rubber
  • Frame     Steel
  • Mounting Depth      6.73" / 171mm
  • Voice Coil       2"/50.5mm
  • Magnet        66 oz.
  • Fs         24Hz
  • Vas         4.13 cubic feet/117 Liters
  • Xmax        0.47”/12mm
  • Qts         .46
  • Optimum Single Box - Sealed   0.7 cubic feet
  • Optimum Single Box - Ported   1.8 cubic feet / 35.75 tuning freq.
  • 500 Watt Max Power Handling/250 Watt RMS
  • IMPP Woofer Cone & Butyl Rubber Surround