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Brand Kicker
SKU:  48KXMA905
(0 Reviews)

Kicker KXMA900.5 5-Channel Class D Marine Amplifier, 125 W x 4 + 400 W Sub RMS

Brand Kicker
SKU:  48KXMA905
(0 Reviews)

Kicker KXMA900.5 5-Channel Class D Marine Amplifier, 125 W x 4 + 400 W Sub RMS

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Brand Kicker
SKU:  48KXMA905
(0 Reviews)
In Stock - Available for Delivery Only

Kicker KXMA900.5 5-Channel Class D Marine Amplifier, 125 W x 4 + 400 W Sub RMS


About This Product


Kicker 48KXMA900.5 5-Channel Marine Amplifier

The KICKER® KXMA five-channel marine amp delivers power and performance with a full-system solution in a single, powerful amplifier.

Real Marine™

The KICKER Real Marine standard means your amplifier is purpose-built for your boat. Every KXMA (and KMA)-Series amp comes complete with anti-corrosive speaker, power and RCA terminals, stainless-steel screws, conformal-coated circuit boards and ABYC/NMMA-compliant power connections. KICKER products also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed marine industry standards for UV, humidity and saltwater exposure. This unparalleled commitment to engineering quality and maritime safety is why our products truly are "Real Marine."

Gain, crossover and bass-boost controls are protected behind a gasket-sealed panel, as is the control cover hiding the settings, creating a water-resistant barrier to key controls. KickEQ™ delivers as much as an 6dB of extra bump with a simple turn of the knob. A powerful 24dB crossover is also included, letting you quickly tune your system to perfection. A full-range RCA output allows you to easily add another amplifier without running new signal cable to your KICKER KMC Media Center.

A wired bass controller is also included for perfecting your sound on the fly. Easily adjust the levels of your subwoofer channel without leaving your seat!

Class D Amplifier
Gain Control With "Optimal Input" Indicator
FIT2™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology) Circuitry
Variable 24dB Crossover
DSP-Controlled Preamp
KickEQ™ 6dB Variable Bass Boost
ABYC/NMMA-Compliant Power Terminals
Conformal-Coated Circuit Boards
Easy Access to Settings behind Gasket-Sealed Cover Panel
Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis
Top-Mounted, Teal LED Light Pipe
Stainless-Steel Mounting Hardware Included

Want setup help" Go to KICKER U for a free woofer & amplifier configuration app!

This KXMA amplifier delivers as much as 125 watts into four full-range channels, or 250 watts into two sets of bridged channels. A separate subwoofer channel delivers as much as 400 watts. See below for more details.


POWER [watts/ch], 2 OHM STEREO: 125 x 4
POWER [watts/ch], 4 OHM BRIDGED MONO: 250 x 2
POWER [watts/ch], CLASS D 1 OHM MONO: 400 x 1, +/-10%
DYNAMIC POWER [watts]: 1300
DIMENSIONS [in] all models 2-1/8H x 8-5/16W x 12-3/4L
DIMENSIONS [cm] all models 5.4H x 21.0W x 32.4L
FREQUENCY RESPONSE [Hz]: (amp 1&2) 10-20k, +0/-1dB; (mono) 10-160
INPUT SENSITIVITY: High Level 250mV-10V, Low Level 125mV-5V
SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: >95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power
SUBSONIC FILTER [KXMA.5]:(mono only) high-pass variable 10-80Hz
KickEQ™ BOOST: (mono only) Variable 0-6dB, centered 40Hz
ACTIVE CROSSOVER: Full-Range - (amp 1) 24dB/octave, variable 10-5kHz w/ 10x switch, selectable high pass, low pass or all pass; (amp 2) 24dB/octave, variable high pass 10-500Hz, variable low pass 40-5kHz w/ 10x switch, selectable high pass, low pass, all pass or band pass; Sub Ch. – 24dB/octave, variable 40-160Hz low pass only

RMS Power test @ 14.4v @ </- 1% THD+N, Audio Precision® APx500 analyzer, see for details.

Dynamic Power test @ 14.4v @ </- 10% THD+N, Audio Precision APx500 analyzer, see for details.

Audio Precision is a registered trademark of Audio Precision in the United States and other countries.

  • True Marine Amp, ABYC/NMMA compliant
  • FIT2 works with any source unit
  • One-Ohm Stable



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