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Brand Kicker
SKU:  42CWQ154
(0 Reviews)

Kicker 42CWQ154 Car Subwoofer, 15" CompQ15 Q-Class Sub 1100 Watt RMS, 4 Ohm

Brand Kicker
SKU:  42CWQ154
(0 Reviews)

Kicker 42CWQ154 Car Subwoofer, 15" CompQ15 Q-Class Sub 1100 Watt RMS, 4 Ohm

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FREE installation is currently offered for this product. FREE same day installation of receiver will be available with purchase online or in-store. A $125 value. Includes standard receiver installation in most vehicles. Additional parts and labor including receiver harnesses and kits, if needed, are extra. Contact stores for details.

Brand Kicker
SKU:  42CWQ154
(0 Reviews)
Available in Store

Kicker 42CWQ154 Car Subwoofer, 15" CompQ15 Q-Class Sub 1100 Watt RMS, 4 Ohm


About This Product


Kicker 42CWQ154 15" CompQ 4-Ohm Subwoofer

The KICKER CompQ™ Subwoofer delivers on all of the power, capacity and performance of its square counterpart L7™, only utilizing a round basket and cone.

The CompQ 15-Inch Subwoofer is made in almost exactly the same way as our L7 square subs.

Our injection molded SoloKon™ technology joins the cone to the vented back brace, creating a single integrated unit that both lowers distortion and cools the subwoofer’s motor simultaneously.

The CompQ 15-Inch Subwoofer works best with a sealed or ported enclosure with 1,100 watts of recommended power. See below for more details.


Thiele/Small Parameters: 42CWQ154 T/S Parameters
Rated Impedance [Ω]: 4
Sensitivity [1W, 1m]: 88.6
Frequency Response [Hz]: 18 – 100
Recommended Amplifier Power (watts RMS): 1100
Outer Frame Dimension [in, cm]: 15-3/8, 39.1
Mounting Depth [in, cm]: 8-15/16, 22.6
Mounting Cutout [in, cm]: 13-7/8, 35.2

Sealed Enclosure Specs
Minimum Sealed Volume ft3 (L): 1.5 (42.5)
Maximum Sealed Volume ft3 (L): 6 (169.9)

Panel Dimensions for Minimum Sealed Enclosures using 3/4” MDF
Box Volume [ft³, L]: 1.5 (42.5)

Panel A [in, cm]: 16.5x16.5, 41.9x41.9
Panel B [in, cm]: 16.5x11.5, 41.9x29.2
Panel C [in, cm]: 15x11.5, 38.1x29.2

Vented Minimum
Box Volume, ft³ (L): + port displacement: 3.0, 85
Port Opening Size, in x in (cm x cm): 2.5x16.25, 6.4x41
Port Length, in (cm): 19.5, 50

Vented Maximum
Box Volume, ft³ (L): 6.0, 170
Port Opening, in x in (cm x cm): 3.5x16.25, 8.9x41
Port Length, in (cm): 13.75, 35

*Assumes typical music program with minimal amplifier clipping; varies with enclosure size.

**Port Volume Excluded.

  • Solokon cone system w/ 360 degree bracing
  • Ribbed Surround for Linear cone motion
  • Blue Laced Spider Suspension