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Brand Escort
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Escort Redline 360c 360 Degree Radar / Laser Detector

Brand Escort
(0 Reviews)

Escort Redline 360c 360 Degree Radar / Laser Detector

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Brand Escort
(0 Reviews)
In Stock

Escort Redline 360c 360 Degree Radar / Laser Detector



About This Product


Escort Redline 360c 360 Degree Radar / Laser Detector

The Redline 360c is the new technical standard for driver alert systems. 2X the range. 360° directional awareness.


Extreme Range
Relax, with extreme range (2X longer range compared to Redline EX), you'll know exactly what's ahead, behind and all around you

Always True. Never False
Exceptional accuracy against false alerts (AI-assisted filtering) means you'll know what's a real threat and what's not*

Increase Your Road IQ
A powerful processor (25X more vs. Redline EX) provides rapid response times and alerts faster than ever before.

See, But Don't Be Seen
Advanced stealth (invisible to all RDD – Radar Detector Detectors) technology ensures you stay completely anonymous

Welcome To The Red Zone
True 360° directional awareness and location accuracy within 2.5m give you an all-around protective shield

Ready When You Are
A driver network with over 100 million real-time shared community alerts per year ensures maximum protection

Additional Features

Triple-Antenna Design
Dual front, single rear antennas provide 2X the range vs previous models.

Directional Alert Arrows
Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source for 360° protection.

Totalshield Technology
Proprietary true stealth design allows usage without being detected.

Autolearn Technology
Intelligent GPS-based technology learns routes and rejects false alerts.

Connected Car Compatible
Built-in Wi-Fi allows for instant shared alerts and software updates.

Defender Database
Get advanced alerts to red light camera and speed camera locations.

* Based on leveraging features such as GPS AutoLearn, updatable IVT Filter, and the connected network of ESCORT drivers

  • Directional Arrows for alerts
  • TrueStealth completely undetectable
  • BT and Wi-Fi connectivity



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