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Speakers are just about the last thing a manufacturer thinks about. Most factory audio systems use relatively inexpensive components. But you can do better. Our knowledgeable experts and MECP-certified installers will help you select the perfect speakers for a custom sound system that’s as good as it gets.

For more information please visit our
Speaker Buying Guide

Car Speaker Buying Guide

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With quality speakers you'll notice fuller sound and more overall clarity, and you'll be able to enjoy details in songs you've never heard before and in songs you've known for years.

When deciding on speakers, the first factor you’ll want to consider is whether to go with component or full range speakers, but the process doesn’t end with that single choice.

In addition to choosing between component or coaxial speakers, there are also four main factors to help you find the best new car speakers. In no particular order, those factors are:

  • Build Quality

  • Sensitivity

  • Power handling

  • Size


Speaker Build Quality:
Car Toys carries a wide selection of car speakers. There are many speaker brands and options to choose from and it may get confusing sometimes. The two key specifications you should focus and consider when selecting your car speakers are power-handling and sensitivity. Better materials create longer lasting speakers that can handle more power with less distortion.


Car Speaker Sensitivity:
In order to find out the best level of sensitivity to look for, you'll have to know how much power your head unit or external amp puts out. Sensitivity refers to how much power the speakers require in order to put out a given volume level, and speakers with higher sensitivity require less power. If you’re working with an anemic factory stereo, then you'll want to find speakers that have a high sensitivity level. On the other hand, speakers that have a low level of sensitivity tend to work fine with high powered external amps.


Speaker Power Handling:
All car speakers need a power source such as an amp or receiver. The lower the power-handling rating, the lower wattage is required to properly power and get acceptable sound from the speaker. For best experience, match your power source level (RMS) to the upper part of the speaker's suggested range without going so high as to potentially damage them.


Car Speaker Size:
Our experts in-store and online customer service team can help you find the right size speakers for your vehicle. You can also use our Fit Guide located at the top of the screen under the main red menu to help you find exactly which speakers will fit in your vehicle.If you have questions about the fitment or just want to consult with an expert for advice you can contact us by phone or drop in to a Car Toys store near you.

For more detailed information about speakers, please visit our Speaker Shopping Guide.

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