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Boxes and Enclosures

Whether you’re looking for a 12-inch ported subwoofer box or a car specific enclosure we have a wide selection of enclosures to choose from.

Each subwoofer requires an enclosure to bring the best sound. The subwoofer box is just as critical to the way your system will sound. Our experts can help you pair your selected subwoofer to the perfect sub box. For your convenience, we also offer the best pre-loaded subwoofers and boxes. Vehicle specific subwoofer enclosures are also available. Let us know what you are looking for and our experts will find or build you a package to match your needs. We also have installers in store that can help you custom design and build your sub boxes to best fit and suit your vehicle and sound system.


Pre-Loaded Bass Boxes:

Pre-loaded bass boxes are great if you want an all in one package to enhance sound and bass in your car. This option provide you with a bass pack that is preloaded with almost everything you need: amplifier, subwoofer and enclosure.


Sealed Empty Bass Boxes:

This option is perfect for those that have their subwoofer picked out and want to just pair it with a readily available and made bass box. This saves you time in having to designing your own custom box. Sealed bass boxes are generally more compact than ported sub boxes making it more convenient to fit into most cars. If you have limited space then sealed empty bass box will be your best bet. Another feature about sealed bass boxes is that they are not vented. The trapped air inside of the sealed sub box acts like a shock absorber or a spring against the cone of the subwoofer. This helps restricts the subwoofer movement so it does not over-exert itself in terms of cone motion so all the notes are produced evenly which in turn gives you a tight and accurate bass. Car Toys carries a large selection of sealed empty bass boxes for you to choose from so you can pair the subs you want to the perfect box.


Ported Empty Boxes:

Like a sealed empty bass box, this option is perfect for those that have their subwoofers picked out and is looking to match it to a readily made box. Ported enclosure delivers louder, boomy bass with a lot more punch than sealed boxes. Ported boxes are vented and allows more cone freedom of motion. If you are designing and building your own ported sub box, make sure to get the right size enclosure and right size vent as it can be more challenging to get good, balanced sound output from when compared to a sealed box. With ported sub boxes, the vent redirects sound from the back of the subwoofer cone and adds it to the sound coming from the front, which significantly increases bass output loudness. This means you will be able to run your subwoofer off a humble external amplifier and still get great results. Ported subs also have better longevity due to the air flow that keeps the subwoofer cooler.


Car-Specific Enclosures:

Car Toys carries select car specific enclosures that are customized to fit your vehicle. It is perfect to hide subwoofers in unused spaces. These enclosures are designed to fit in confined and specific areas of your vehicle such as underneath or behind your seats or to the side of your cargo/trunk space. Keep in mind Car Toys locations also have talented and experienced installers on site to help you assess and custom design and build subwoofer enclosures to help you retain trunk and cargo space or even just to have it built to fit perfectly in spaces you want.


Custom Design and Built Subwoofer Boxes:

Have something specific in mind or simply want to just bring your dream system to life? Car Toys have expert in each of our stores to help you custom design, build and configure your dream enclosure box. Visit one of our stores today to learn more.


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