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Benefits of Changing Out Factory Speakers for Aftermarket Speakers

Car manufacturers are not known for installing top-of-the-line car stereos in new automobiles. In most cases, builders do not put much thought into the design or quality of the speakers. Only expensive cars offer premium car stereos, while moderately priced automobiles are installed with mediocre radios. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you should consider swapping your factory speakers for an aftermarket system. Whether you want subwoofers or a simple speaker upgrade, there are benefits to upgrading your car’s sound system. Here are a few of the critical differences between factory and aftermarket car stereos.

Aftermarket Speakers and Subwoofers Have Better Sound Quality

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for designing cars that are safe and offer excellent performance. Factory speakers do not factor high in the design process and are often made with inexpensive parts that deliver subpar sound quality.  

On the other hand, aftermarket speakers are made using more sophisticated designs and materials. They often feature multiple subwoofers to enhance the sound quality. A subwoofer is a speaker that delivers lower frequencies for excellent sound quality that a factory speaker can’t produce on its own. These low frequencies bring out sounds from bass guitars, pipe organs, and kick drums, allowing for an excellent sound experience.

Aftermarket car radios are also made with more complex crossover circuits than factory speaker systems. These circuits filter sound to ensure frequencies are funneled through the correct driver. These filters allow speakers to work more efficiently.

Aftermarket Speakers Have Better Configurations

Some factory systems come with speakers. However, these speakers are often low quality and do not offer a superior listening experience. These systems are built with equalization curves that reduce bass levels to make up for the relative lack of command. Speakers are situated at various distances from the listener, prohibiting sounds from reaching your ear simultaneously. Thus, factory speakers often produce muddy sounds.

Aftermarket speakers, on the other hand, are configured with sound quality in mind. Aftermarket systems feature high-quality component speakers that deliver superior sound quality. Component speakers are configured to allow for better sound imaging. Sound is excellent because tweeters are elevated to the dash, raising the level at which the sound reaches the ear. A tweeter is a type of loudspeaker that produces sound with higher frequencies. Tweeters add a new dimension to music by increasing tonal clarity and frequency separation.

Aftermarket Speakers and Subwoofers Are More Durable

Factory speakers do not typically feature high-quality materials. Car dealers are concerned with expense and choose materials that will not sustain extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Factory speakers cannot stand up to repeated use and may break down after only a few months. The sound quality deteriorates as the condition of the materials begins to decline. On the other hand, aftermarket materials are made with more durable materials that can withstand extreme heat and humidity levels.  

  • Aftermarket subwoofers are built from stiff, lightweight materials. Subwoofer cones are often made of synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene or woven fabrics. These materials can withstand extreme humidity levels and offer superior sound quality.
  • Aftermarket tweeters are made from pliable materials such as textile blends, silk, or more rigid materials such as metal or graphite. These materials are both durable and resilient, offering superior sound quality for years.
  • Aftermarket subwoofers are surrounded by highly durable materials such as rubber and cloth to tolerate extreme humidity levels and weather conditions.

Aftermarket systems are built from various materials, but they are typically more durable and offer better sound quality than factory speakers. 

Aftermarket Speakers and Subwoofers Offer Better Power Handling

Factory speakers cannot handle power well, and the result is often low sound quality. Factory speakers do not work well with amplifiers and do not perform well at high sound volumes. However, aftermarket subwoofers work well with amplifiers and can handle high sound waves. You can play your car radio at a high volume and still receive excellent sound quality. If you spend a lot of time in your car and enjoy listening to loud music, you should consider upgrading to a system that offers better sound quality.

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