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Distracted driver reading cellphone while driving  moblie

Effective October 1st, 2017 Oregon enacted a law that limits the use of cell phones while driving except for emergencies or if you are using these features through a hands-free device.

What is allowed and not allowed with the new law?


  • The use of wireless phone apps such as GPS or music apps
  • Phone calls while driving with the exception of school zones, bus drivers and new drivers
  • Text messaging while stopped or while using hands-free devices

Not Allowed

  • Holding of a mobile electronic device in the person’s hand
  • Reading, sending or replying to a text messaging while the vehicle is moving
  • The use of wireless communication devices by bus drivers and new drivers
  • Phone calls or texting while in school zones

How We Can Help?

Car Toys has products that allow you to use your voice, a single swipe or even a hand gesture to legally access your most important applications and information safely. We carry a wide selection of products that can assist with being a safer driver by allowing you to keep your eyes on the road more often and helping you to comply with the increasing number of distracted driving laws across the country. From Navigation receivers with CarPlay built in, to Cell Phone Mounts and Bluetooth car kits, Car Toys has solutions in every price range that can assist in not only avoiding a ticket but also hopefully making your commute much safer.


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